Bad Astronomer: Analysis and editorial content focused on Earth and astronomical science.

Science-based Medicine: Critical review of healthcare with advocacy of an interdisciplinary approach to determining treatment efficacy.


Smarter Everyday: 5-10 minute videos covering cool demonstrations often using high speed photography.

Crash Course: A variety of educational topics covered quickly in an entertaining manner. 


Socrative: Free tool available to teachers that can be used to create questions and quizzes. Answers are compiled and graded in real time, allowing for use during class or online webinars. If all your students have smart phones/tablets this can take the place of class response devices.

Google Forms: Free online application that can be used to create quizzes and forms for students to complete. Answers can be anonymous or require a Google login.

Flubaroo: Easy to use plugin that lets you automatically grade quizzes made using Google Forms.


Backyard Brains: Company which makes low cost devices for introducing students to electrophysiology in living organisms such as cockroaches.

Salamander Retina Electrophysiology: Article in the Journal of Visualized Experiments demonstrating the preparation. 

Rodent Operant Bucket: For around $150 teachers, students, and citizen scientists can craft a behavioral training apparatus. Particularly useful for studying feeding behavior (e.g. taste preference).

Eyewire: Crowdsourced neural tracing presented in a game-like format. Several high profile publications have been produced through this website.